The most exciting aspect of this endeavor, the endeavor of creating a concept and executing it's realization, is not the physical act of one's creation coming to life but is the connections made possible by the physical act of the creation coming to life.

Connecting is the most magical part of human existence.  It embodies the properties of energy and is energizing, but unlike energy, it can be created or destroyed. However, it can only be created or destroyed by involved parties. It is unaffected by outside forces. It's is invaluable to some and valueless to others.

Supporting and cultivating connections with each other was always a goal of The Hub. It's integral to the name. A hub is "a place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network",  However, we figured it would be something to be achieved. We had no idea it would be so integral in the process of achieving the goal.

In our quest to create The Hub we've rekindled many previous connections, fostered innumerable new ones, and tested our closest. We had no idea this would be possible just in the process of getting open. Now that we're open, we can't imagine what's next.

We hope to connect with you soon.

Drew & Noah