Bartonville Mountain Hiking Trail and Kayak / Canoe / SUP Launch

We're proud to announce that the Bartonville Mountain hiking trail is now open. Located directly behind The Hub on 207 beautifully diverse acres, the trail is 3/4 of a mile long (1 1/2 mile round trip) and leads to stunning views of Brant Lake not previously available to the public. 

To support your endeavor The Hub will also offering picnic lunches packed in a drawstring backpack (complete with The Hub logo), with local craft beer options available. No need to plan; just bring your boots and enjoy the hike, view, and lunch! 

The Hub also features a launch for your car-top kayak, canoe, or SUP. Located just down the street on the outlet of Brant Lake, with parking located just feet from the water. Paddle the serene outlet to the main lake which features breathtaking views of mountains and islands. When you return the The Hub and hiking trail are just a short walk or drive away.

Group Rides - Early Summer 2016

For 2016 we're improving the organization of our Saturday Morning group rides. The rides will rotate between flat, climbing, and rolling rides, and get progressively longer / harder as our collective fitness improves. Average speed around 17-18mph. No drop. We will follow the schedule strictly; if a ride gets rained out we move on to the next scheduled ride. 

5/28 30 miles - HHHN Ride for the Well of It 2016
6/4 31 miles - Figure 8
6/11 32 miles - Three Lakes Ride  
6/18 39 miles - Tour de Horicon
6/25 50 miles - Hudson Headwaters Health Network Ride for the Well of It 

Rides start promptly at 9AM. 

After evaluating the early summer rides we will determine the schedule and post accordingly.

Saturday rides were a lot of fun last year. Here's to another year. Hope to see you there!


H.I.T.S. North Country Triathlon

We're proud to announce that we're the official bike shop of the HITS North Country Triathlon in Hague, NY. What does that mean? It means that in addition to providing on-course assistance, we're your bicycle base-camp. Ship us your bike for assembly and race-prep, drop it off for a last minute check, or have us pack your race-tired steed and ship it home.

We may be a new shop, but we're not new at what we do.  Because we've been racing and wrenching for most of our lives, we deeply understand how important the race is to you. You can trust us to assemble, tune, pack, and ship your bike. We'll even deliver it to the course for you. Please call Drew at (518)796-0943, or email him at to discuss how The Hub can help make your race experience a stress-free success.

In addition to bike mechanical services, we'll have last-minute items such as nutrition, tubes, and CO2 on hand. Better yet, stop by for a pre-race meal or post-race libations. Or pre-race libations.. we won't judge. 

We look forward to meeting you in June! 

Happy training,

Drew, Noah, and Cody


Connections Pt. 2

In the last post, I deliriously went on about connections and the how they’re magical and meaningful, and how I couldn’t imagine what amazing things were to come. As it turned out, I had no idea how true that would be.

As music is such a huge part of my life, I always wanted live music to be a part of The Hub. I just figured it would take a lot more effort on my part to make it happen. Cue the “Field of Dreams” music because we built it and they came. Actually, we were still building it when Paul stopped by on a gorgeous May afternoon and made a proposition, “What if I bring some equipment and leave it so people can just come and play?”

A few months later, Dave and Monica (of 1979) stopped in on a Sunday afternoon. I’ll never forget the conversation. Dave had asked what I thought about the band playing at The Hub…

    Drew, “What do you play?”

    Dave, “Oh, like Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin..”

    Drew, ”Ok, when can you be here?”

And thus was born one of the biggest nights of the season.

So, back to the connection bit. The most amazing aspect of music is the connection it allows. It not only allows connection, but demands it. The musicians connect with each other. They connect with the audience. The audience connects with each other. Just by Dave mentioning three band names, I had connected with him. When people connect, an experience is created and shared, and that’s the greatest thing that makes life worth living. We saw all walks of life connect at The Hub this year, especially around music, and it was incredible- even magical. It was so amazing I still can’t believe it happened.

But it did happen, and while we can’t recreate those special nights, we can create some more. We’re putting together a big calendar for 2015, so stay tuned… more big nights lay ahead!

So thank you 1979, Paul Abess, Danny Shultz, Bill Broderick, Big Kahuna Surf, Derick Borst, Steve Smith, John Coleman and all others that made it happen.    







The most exciting aspect of this endeavor, the endeavor of creating a concept and executing it's realization, is not the physical act of one's creation coming to life but is the connections made possible by the physical act of the creation coming to life.

Connecting is the most magical part of human existence.  It embodies the properties of energy and is energizing, but unlike energy, it can be created or destroyed. However, it can only be created or destroyed by involved parties. It is unaffected by outside forces. It's is invaluable to some and valueless to others.

Supporting and cultivating connections with each other was always a goal of The Hub. It's integral to the name. A hub is "a place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network",  However, we figured it would be something to be achieved. We had no idea it would be so integral in the process of achieving the goal.

In our quest to create The Hub we've rekindled many previous connections, fostered innumerable new ones, and tested our closest. We had no idea this would be possible just in the process of getting open. Now that we're open, we can't imagine what's next.

We hope to connect with you soon.

Drew & Noah