As we mentioned before, we're firm believers that experiences are more important than things but sometimes things make the experience possible. A perfect example of this is the bicycle; you have have a bicycle to ride one, and you can't fully enjoy the experience of riding if your bike is under-performing.

This is why the center of The Hub is a service-based bike shop. We love building, maintaining, and fixing bikes just as much as we love riding them.  We're infatuated by the technical aspects of  the bicycle: the frame, wheels, and components, how everything functions as a system, and how many different variations there are on essentially just one theme.

Our abilities include, but are not limited to:

Check, Oil, and adjust: $25
Tune-up: $60
Drivetrain clean: $60 (all components removed and washed in parts washer)
Tune-up + drivetrain clean: $100
Basic Overhaul: $150

Bike build: $75
Bike packaging for shipment: $50
Build bike from shipment (includes check/oil/adjust): $75
Lube drivetrain $5
Flat tire- tire and or tube: $10/12 (wheel off bike / wheel on bike)
Wheel truing: $10-25
Derailleur adjustment: $10
Brake adjustment: $10
Replace cable (brake or derailleur): $15
Replace Brake Pad: $15
Bearing (Hub/Headset/Bottom bracket) adjustment: $10
Bearing (Hub/Headset/Bottom bracket) overhaul: $25

Hourly rate: $60/hr
Fitting services: $60/hr

This is just a short list of commonly performed work to provide an example of what is possible. Our true ability to serve you is too limited by text. Please call, email, or stop in to discuss what projects you have in mind. We can accommodate all reasonable requests.

In addition to repair services we also offer basic fitting services. Drew has spent a considerable amount of time in his career making sure the riding experience is enhanced by the interface between the bike and the rider. Do you ever feel discomfort while riding? Does everything seem okay, but you wonder if it could be better? If so, call or email Drew to set up a consultation time.